David E Stevens
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 362

He was dead but now he’s alive with no identity.During a routine flight, Commander Josh Logan’s fighter catches on fire. Preventing the burning jet from hitting a neighborhood, he ejects too late. A year later, he wakes up in a city hospital looking like a omni-racial Olympic athlete. He realizes his body wasn’t repaired, it was replaced. A genetic blend of the best genes from every race, he has one-in-a-billion capabilities … but no identity. Elizabeth, his intelligent and beautiful ICU nurse invites him to stay with her until he can create a new identity.Is he the key to humanity's survival or is he insane?Contacted by a voice he believes is responsible for his return, he’s told an undetected, burned-out comet is two years from impact. It will erase almost all life on earth and, somehow, he is the key to humanity’s survival. A Navy test pilot brought back from the dead to ...
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