Clare James
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 244

Fall in love with this hot and heartwarming friends-to-lovers romantic comedy from Clare James' bestselling Impossible Love Series! It's all fun and games...until you live together. I bite my lip when Foster's tattoo peeks out from under his shirt. Yes, it is completely cliché. And yes, I do look like some kind of B-list p*rn star lusting after this man and going into heat every time he shows a little skin. But seriously, he is completely irresistible -- which is why I occasionally succumb to his advances. He's also one of my best friends, so I really need to pull it together. I'm not the only one. Foster is a mess, trying to figure out his own crap--usually over whiskey Cokes--and it's getting old. That's why I've finally made a vow to forget him and find something real. But when I'm hurt in a ridiculous bar fight and left with broken bones, I have no choice but to let him move in ...
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